Surf trips & Other Services

Surf trips

Suitable for: those looking to explore more surf spots outside the Bukit peninsula and uncrowded surf destinations around Indonesia.

Service: choosing the optimal season for each destination, we take the surfers to the best left or right-handers or the least crowded surf spots for a great surf adventure around Bali.

Ask for a custom surf trip and get a quotation and detailed booking information.

Other services

Board rent

Rent a board for your free surfing. Choose between a range of Foamboard, Funboards, Longboards and Shortboards. You pick it up at the school and return it back after the renting period. You can book for just one session (50k Rp) or per days (100k Rp). We offer special discount when renting more than 4 days.

If by any chance you accidentally damage the surfboard, the ding repair will be charged (normal ding repair has a cost of 100k to 300k Rp).

Bike and Car rent

While in Bali, the most common way of getting around is by motorbike. Car is sometimes needed depending of the number of persons or the distance you are planning to go.

We offer rent and car rent at a very good rate. Ask for a quotation and availability by contacting us.


Transport services available at our school. Just ask for your driver to our stuff.


Yoga is the perfect complement to Surf. Your body will appreciate a few Yoga sessions while you stay in this surfer paradise. Book with us a yoga session (110k Rp, 1 hour).

Photo and video surf footage

Popular option that we recommend to book for the complete surf session experience. You can decide if you wish video and photos. It is great way of analysing your surfing skills and keep the fantastic memories of surfing in Bali. It is also a perfect way of analysing your surf style and skills.

You get the complete footage in a USB key. The shooting session takes 1 hour. It can be organized at the time of a surf lesson or on one of your free surfing sessions. The session can be organized from land or in the water. It will depend very much on the surf break.

If you are an advance surfer, we offer the water shooting with high quality video and pictures. Get amazing slow motion videos of your best waves in these epic spots we have in the Bukit peninsula in Bali.

Assistance to buy a board

Buying a board in Bali is a great option because you have a huge offer and good prices. We offer the service of assisting you in the purchase, taking you to the different surf shops and advising on the recommended shapes and characteristics for you.

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