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Catching your first wave is one of the best sensations in life. Have you ever thought how it is to hit the waves and you are not sure if you could make it? Learn to surf, book a surf lesson now. You never try, you never know.

One magic thing about this sport is that everyone can surf, no matter the age. You don`t need to be an athlete, but certainly you better like the sea and the challenge. If so, you are ready to get started to surf.

Become a surfer with Infinite Wave´s experienced local surf instructors. Book a package of surf lessons to gain the basic surf skills and critical safety tips to start by. It will help you progress much faster and you will have a lot of fun! We organize a flexible surf course for you, whether you are a solo surfer, a couple, a group or a family.

Join a 2h Group Surf Lesson in Padang PadangDreamlandBalangan, great beginners surf spots around Infinite Wave Surf School, located on the Bukit Peninsula, Bali’s Surfing Paradise. This is the cheapest option if you want to test how do you like it to ride a wave. You can book it now and we will contact you shortly to setup the time slot subject to the availability on the day selected.

Our students learn how to stand uppaddle techniques, how to turn, how to read and select the wavessurf etiquette, how to manoeuvre the boardocean awareness and water safety.

The Surf Lessons are offered 7 days a week all year round. We find the best location depending on tides and the break conditions choosing the best spot on the area for every lesson. You will find infinite waves in this surfer's paradise.

The Surfboard, the Rash Guard and the spot transfers are included.

Fear of failure or of the ocean? Everyone is scared of surfing! Surfing is full of challenges. There is a healthy fear and the paralysing panic. How to handle it to get started to surfing? First, tell us about it. It will help to plan the best instruction and surf break that helps you overcome this fear. We will make it easy and support you on your first steps. You never try, you never know! A surf lesson is the safe way to get started under no risk conditions.


Get started: book a private or group surf lesson. 20-30 min of theory, either in the SurfCamp or on the beach, and 1.5 to 2 hours in the water. Learn to surf in Bali, a surfers paradise

Questions about getting started to Surf?

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In Padang Padang and all year round, we run our weekly camp in a real paradise with tropical climate, good vibes and epic waves. Improve your surf faster!

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