How a Surf Lesson with Infinite Wave works

First thing is to set up the proper time for the surf lesson, according to the customer availability and the conditions of the surf break. This is where the knowledge of our instructors is crucial. Weather conditions as wind and rain affect drastically to every spot. The ocean conditions are also critical. The tide and the swell size and direction, its height and period are key to get the proper conditions for the surf level of the students in a surf lesson. And about all these tricky things, the local instructors at Infinite Wave know a lot and can estimate the best surf break and moment for every lesson every day.

Ok, and what about your sceptical feeling about learning to surf or your fear of the waves? Probably, every single person has these two feelings when attempting the first surf lesson. Will I be able to stand up? What if I fall? Am I in good shape for this? These doubts and fears are very common in all of us at the beginning. Trust me, if you like surfing, you’ll deal with these quite often and still it is one of the best feelings in life when you beat the doubts and the fear. The sensation of riding down the face of your first wave is exhilarating, exciting and addictive. If you have ever dreamt of surfing, but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place, book a lesson now!

When settled the time we either meet you at the surf break or pick you up from your homestay, up to you! All you need to bring is your motivation, the beach towel and the sunblock cream. When we get to the beach, is time to ask you about your skills and find out whether you are regular or goofy, meaning which foot you place forward on the surfboard for better riding the waves. If you don’t know or you are not sure, we have a way to find it out. The instructor will guide you through the surf process of learning and will inform you about the surf break. During 20 to 30 minutes, the students get to practice the paddling, the stand up and the good stance while still on the beach. We will walk through:

  • The surfboard and other equipment elements and use
  • The surf spot and its current conditions and how it affects learning to surf
  • The ocean awareness and water safety

Finally, we confirm if there are any doubts or questions. Any concern of the students, either about their skills or about the surf technique is welcome to be expressed and is crucial to go through it as much as needed to clarify and gain confidence on the process of learning. We invite the customers to be active asking during the surf session because it helps to develop the content of the surf lesson and suit it to the preferences of every student.

And now is the moment to jump on the boards and start the amazing process of learning to surf. First, paddling out to the best beginner’s part of the line up. The instructor will provide feedback on correct body position and strokes. Once in the line up, the instructor will select the best and easiest waves for the students to practice. He will indicate when to paddle for a wave and will push the student board to gain the necessary speed and indicate when to pop up. During 1,5 to 2 hours, the students keep practicing as much as possible and as much as they wish. This is a very personal process, everyone is different and need different timing and approach.

The range of skills and areas to learn and practice are as follows:

  • Paddling
  • Pop up
  • Good stance
  • Falling off
  • Wave selection and negotiation
  • Trimming
  • Turning
  • Surf etiquette
  • Safety

The instructor on top of surf knowledge will manage communication skills and play a caring role with an entertaining mood.

Ready to go? Get started and book your surf lesson now!


Get started: book a private or group surf lesson. 20-30 min of surf theory, either in the Camp or on the beach and 1.5 to 2 hours in the water.


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