Padang Padang – Pantai Labuan Sait

The beach

Pantai Labuan Sait is usually referred as Padang-Padang beach when actually the real Padang-Padang beach is the next one on the way to Uluwatu, also called Thomas Beach. The beach is beautiful, tiny and busy. There're warungs and hawkers selling food, drinks and clothes. Surf boards for rent available. There are beach umbrellas to rent but not sunbeds. It is nice to walk around the reef when tide is low and it is good for swimming when tide is high and there is not big swell, otherwise, the red flag will be on and you will only be allowed to swim close to the beach. This beach has lifeguards Also it has toilets and showers.

Beautiful steps access through caves from the side of the bridge. Access fee 10.000 IDR. Parking area available.

The Surf Break

Padang-Padang is a mythic left-breaking wave often called the Balinese Pipeline. It is a spot for advanced surfers. It will start working with swell sized 2 meters and is one of the best barrels in the world.

However, our scope is Baby Padang, how we refer to the surf break on the right, just in front of the beach, which is suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers despite it is a reef break because it is surfed on mid or high tide and there is no risk of hitting the reef. Beginners should only surf here when the waves are smaller than 2m and there is no strong current. It breaks both right and left, being the left the longest. It works better in the dry season, from May to September. The best tide is mid going high.

The views from the line up are amazing. There is a channel to get to the surf zone and to paddle out, what makes life easier for those that don't master the duck diving and for all to escape from the big sets. The current gets strong sometimes, make sure to stay close to the channel in these days.

It's easy to check from the bridge on the road, so you decide from the bike whether to go or not without the need of getting downstairs.

It can get really crowded, especially if more than one surf school is out there. Sometimes is better to wait until the big groups finish before you go, so you have better chances of taking your waves.

If it’s your first time in this surf break, we strongly recommend you to book a Surf Guiding or a Surf Lesson session with Infinite Wave so you get to know well how it works and how to catch as many waves as possible. Knowing where to stay in the line up is critical as well as the current and the type of waves of the day.

Infinite Wave is the closest Surf School to this epic spot. It is our favourite surf break for surf lessons. At first stages we practice in the white water and soon we move to the unbroken wave. It is a perfect spot to develop different skills and during the dry season works nearly every day.

A perfect surf spot to learn to surf

Suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers

Home of multiple Balinese ceremonies

Hati hati, naughty monkeys are around!

Saturdays night party during the high season

Amazing view from the line up when surfing at sunset

Book a Surf Lesson in Baby Padang

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