The Surf School and Camp in Bali, the Island of Gods

About Infinite Wave Surf School and Camp

The amazing experience of surfing in the south of Bali

There is something magical in this part of the Island of Gods, Uluwatu area, not only the epic surf brakes, the white sand beaches, the impressive cliffs, the nice weather, the warm ocean water, the marvellous sunsets but especially the happy and friendly people and the unique vibes around. Padang Padang is full of good places to eat, chill and hang out at night. Our accommodation offer, located in the very centre of Padang Padang, is the best place to enjoy the close restaurants, shopping, and live music.

If you’re looking for a place to live your dreamed holidays, this is the place!

We help you to take your surfing to the next level

In Infinite Wave we all are locals. We grew up surfing and we are passionate about it. We want you to enjoy this paradise of surfing. The amazing thing about Bukit peninsula is that we have good waves all year round. During the dry season, from May to September, the tide, swell and wind create perfect surf conditions on the West coast, with Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossibles, Dreamland and Balangan working and providing epic surf breaks. It’s an optimal moment to visit us. The good point? During the wet season, November to February, the wave’s playground turns to the East coast and we keep offering world class surf breaks, being Nusa Dua, Sri Lanka or Nico some of the main spots. There are rainy days, but often the rain is at nights. You’ll still have plenty of sunny days and the water temperature keeps in 28-29 Degrees Celsius. It means that for those looking for less crowded holidays is the perfect moment to come.

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